Healing Systems

Transform the Past and Reinvent your Life

Being human, we tend to identify with both positive and negative situations in our life and hold onto them at a cellular level.  Many times we identify with our problems so well that we believe we are our problems.  Maureen Higgins, MA, Wings of Freedom uses a mind, body and spirit approach to help you resolve inner conflicts and connect with your spiritual essence and path.  The goal is to recognize that you are a Divine Being having a human experience. Because you’ve chosen a human experience, it isn’t perfect, smooth, and without conflict.  The challenges you experience align you with the opportunity to grow into unconditional love, freedom, and non-judgment.


I heard about “Wings of Freedom” from a dear friend.  She thought Maureen could help me answer some of my eclectic questions about the universe.  You could file them under “things I could ask no-one but still wonder about anyway.”  Since my first conversation with her, she has become one of the most helpful people on my spiritual path–it’s kinda like she helped me push a fast forward button that I didn’t know existed.  Her work and abilities are phenomenal!

Luci Daum
Ashland, WI

Maureen’s healing systems, “Disconnection from the Collective Shadow” and “Cellular Activation” literally carry you through from one portion of your life to the next helping you transition out of habits, thoughts and feelings you may have thought were unchangeable, unbreakable, possibly even necessary to your existence, into glimpses, and finally whole stretches, of life as you knew it could be lived–joyfully, playfully and with so much less attachment to “shoulds,” “has-to’s,” and “I can’ts” and all the other roadblocks we can trap ourselves with.

As a receiver of these healings, as well as a healer who has worked with individuals receiving these healings for over two years, I can attest, without reserve, that I have seen person after person blossom out of habits of fear, pain, and self-loathing, into the kind of creative, curious, connected souls I believe we all come here to be.  And the best part, I think, is that the treatments don’t stop when you leave the practitioner; the effects of these treatments just keep going and going and going…

Emily Graves
Santa Fe, NM