In order to reach and help a greater number of people, Maureen has started a new service where she can answer your specific questions via email. She can answer them within 48 hours unless its noted she’s out of the office.

Upcoming dates Maureen will be unavailable:

November 9-November 19, 2017

Maureen answers questions to help understand yourself more deeply and assist in making decisions in your life if you need more clarity. She believes that we create our reality and can change our reality if we change ourselves by working through our personal, ancestral & karmic issues. We have freewill choice so can attract better situations for ourselves as we change our own self through personal development work. Due to this, future types of questions are subject to change.

Maureen does not answer questions such as, “did my significant other cheat on me” or “was I sexually abused as a child” since these type of answers are better left to discover on your own. It is best to see a therapist or counselor when these types of difficulties are with you.

The cost for 3 questions is $35. PayPal, Visa and MasterCard are accepted methods of payment.

These answers are not intended to replace your medical doctor, psychologist or other professional help. It may be helpful to see a practitioner to further bring balance to you (if you’re not seeing one) including (but not limited to) a psychologist, chiropractor, Chinese Medical Doctor, medical doctor (one who also practices functional medicine/preventative medicine is ideal), massage, energy work, Rolfing.

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