Healing Audios are activations for healing & pattern changing!

I am excited to bring you a number of healing audios, based on twenty years of experience, working with amazing clients such as you! There will be new audios added each month to help you address and transform the unhelpful bugs/broadcasts in your energy field so you can free yourself up mentally, emotional and physically. Each audio is a complete healing process.

These audios are not relaxation meditations. They are activations for healing and pattern changing. So it is important to listen to these audios for at least 90 days to create a change in perception, emotions and behaviors. You do not need to stay awake or focus on the words to get benefit from these audios since they are set-up as a healing process. Do not drive while listening to any of these audios.

These audios are based on theories about how the universe works. Nobody knows for sure the true nature of reality, due to the limitations of our brain here, but by using these theories to assist in healing oneself, they create change for many people.

They are based on the theory that we are connected to everybody and everything via a giant collective matrix that is much like a spider web. Some of the new sciences may see this as the electromagnetic field around the planet that keeps humanity’s brain activity connected together and holds onto our humanity’s collective past as well.

Planet earth’s electromagnetic field and grid system is likely connected into a universal grid system or collective matrix that connects us up to many dimensions and universes. There are trillions of universes in the cosmos that you and everyone is connected to. This is a part of the spider web as well.

There are some souls who influence you more strongly than others. Your ancestors, on both sides of the family, influence you significantly through their issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors. They are broadcasting everything positive and negative very strongly. Your many lifetimes—past, present & future—are also extremely influential in the spider web. You could also think of these lifetimes as personal and collective archetypes that influence you.

Each time you, an ancestor or aspect of your soul have traumas, pain, or difficult events that are unresolved, it gets caught in the spider web, much like a dead bug, that creates a blockage in the field and continuously broadcasts the pain. It can be especially felt while drifting off to sleep or when you are still.

Sometimes, after an ancestor or aspect of your own soul dies, a part of the soul essence does not cross over. This is for various reasons such as not believing they’re good enough to get into heaven, do not want to see somebody on the other side they had problems with or does not want to leave loved ones. A part of their or your soul essence can also get stuck in the spider web acting like a bug causing a blockage in the field that broadcasts the pain from that unresolved lifetime.

These “bugs” broadcast the unresolved pain and difficulties to you causing you to feel the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors as your own today. This causes personal unhappiness and pain.

These audios will help to remove the spider web “bugs” so that these broadcasted messages are no longer there to be broadcasted. This will create more peace, well-being and freedom as you shift your consciousness to one more aligned with love and unity which create a new broadcast system of these positive qualities. This will help you and everybody and everything which includes your ancestors and humanity.

The more you let go of resistance to transforming the past, and are open to the new, the easier and more comfortable the process will be for you. Ask your mind, emotions and body to be open to something different yet better for you!

These audios are particularly needed during this time of change where we are beginning to recognize how our dislike for others due to their skin color, religion, culture, education and other superficial differences creates pain and unhappiness for all of us. This is shown through the violence and fear many are experiencing today.

By transforming these superficial differences into the truth—that we are all interconnected and part of the same energy system—we can have happy, productive, loving, caring and enjoyable experiences together.

Most of the audios will be formatted like a guided imagery (this is not hypnosis) so that you can relax during the healing process. Each audio will be asking that your spirit guides—those friends and loved ones from the higher dimensions or realms—work on you during the audio based on the healing process given on the audio. Your higher self will always be in charge of what you accept from the healing if anything.

It is important that you listen to each audio for at least 90 days for changes to take place in how you feel and behave in your life. This is how long it takes the brain to make a permanent change to a more resolved and peaceful state.

These audios are not intended to replace your medical doctor, psychologist or other professional help. It may be helpful to see a practitioner to further bring balance to you (if you’re not seeing one) including (but not limited to) a psychologist, chiropractor, Chinese Medical Doctor, medical doctor (one who also practices functional medicine/preventive medicine is ideal), massage, energy work, Rolfing.

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