Being human, we tend to identify with both positive and negative situations in our life and hold onto them at a cellular level. Many times we identify with our problems so well that we believe we are our problems. How does Maureen Higgins help you be your divine self in human form? By using uses a mind, body and spirit approach to help you resolve inner conflicts and connect with your spiritual essence and path.

Be your Divine Self in Human form!

The goal is to recognize that you are a Divine Being having a human experience. Because you’ve chosen a human experience, it isn’t perfect, smooth, and without conflict. The challenges you experience align you with the opportunity to grow into unconditional love, freedom, and non-judgment.

Wings of Freedom is on YouTube!Wings of Freedom is now available on YouTube! See Maureen Higgins speak about 6th dimensional thinking, the ascension process, and a variety of other topics on the Wings of Freedom channel on YouTube.

Have you ever wondered? Ask 3 questions

Try Maureen’s new service ask 3 questions. She answers your specific questions via email to help understand yourself more deeply and assist in making decisions in your life when you need more clarity.

Healing Audios – activations for healing and pattern changing!

Maureen’s healing audios help you transform the past and reinvent your life! Each audio is set up like an in-person healing session assisting you in transforming your past on a mental, emotional and physical level. You can also heal the invisible and unconscious things blocking you such as ancestral patterns and issues, other lifetimes and the collective. Listen to the Maureen’s sample healing audio today and find out for yourself!

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“Empowered Woman with Gwilda Wiyaka”
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