The following is the full list of healing audios currently available. Click on each audio below to learn more about them, then proceed to purchasing via PayPal. Some of these audios have been recorded live with an audience.

The Dropbox app is required to listen using a mobile device. A free Dropbox account is needed to save audios. It is NOT required to play and save healing audios on a desktop computer. If you don’t have Dropbox, choose one of the following before purchasing healing audios:
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Refer to the healing systems page for a practitioner that can perform the 222 Oneness and 9999 New Earth Protocols before purchasing those audios.

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These audios are not intended to replace your medical doctor, psychologist or other professional help. It may be helpful to see a practitioner to further bring balance to you (if you’re not seeing one) including (but not limited to) a psychologist, chiropractor, Chinese Medical Doctor, medical doctor (one who also practices functional medicine/ preventive medicine is ideal), massage, energy work, Rolfing.

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