These two systems help humanity shift into a oneness/unity consciousness. They are based on hypnosis sessions done on Cecilia Olivares, an international healer, from Mexico City. Maureen Higgins did the hypnosis sessions on Cecilia with the intention of receiving information on helping humanity shift into a oneness/unity consciousness which would help bring in a new earth for all.

Maureen brought Cecilia to a simultaneous lifetime where she connected with a very advanced aspect of her soul who gave detailed information on this new earth and what was needed to help make the shift. Cecilia’s simultaneous self talked about how the middle to higher realms are all based on numbers, geometry, symbols and vibration. She said that these realms operated from the knowing that we are all part of a giant field of consciousness that can’t be separated out as individual selves. Due to this, the healing processes are based on numbers. 222 and 9999 are the appropriate healing numbers along with number of souls and groups needed to make the vibrational shift to unity consciousness.

Maureen immediately developed a four part healing process, based on the information retrieved from these hypnosis sessions, and trained in a number of practitioners so that more people could receive the benefit from this.

The 222 Oneness Protocol disconnects the client from the lower realms (human shadow), works with freeing one up from the sense of hopelessness and being trapped in life circumstances and helps prepare the body to shift into a higher consciousness.

The 9999 New Earth Parts 1, 2, and 3 work with all bodily systems (e.g., heart and circulatory system, endocrine system, digestion) to remove the lower realm connection/ human shadow, connect to the higher realms (which are more aligned with love) and radiate the higher realm energies to Gaia (planet earth) and all living consciousness and all timelines, dimensions and universes connected to us.

After the work is done on a client (the work must be done with a practitioner before listening to the audios), the receiver of the healing listens to the 222 Oneness as a general daily healing (or at least 90 days) and 9999 New Earth Part 1, 2 and 3 audios for at least 90 days to keep the work reinforced and patterned into the energy field.

Below are other practitioners who can be contacted for in-person or long distance sessions. All speak in English only unless indicated. Contact Cecilia Olivares for healing audios in Spanish. See the resources & links page for more information on some of these practitioners.

Clairmont Carr, Nancy,,
Eisentrager, Thor,
Kainz, Beth,
Liska, Catherine,
Olivares, Cecilia, (Spanish and English)
Palmer, Margaret,
Randen, Nancy,
Smith, Annette,
Stahl, Barbara,
Sullivan, Elizabeth,
Van, Lynn,
Way, Erika,,

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