Thank you for your purchase!

Here are the links to your purchased audios. Please click each healing audio name to access the file:

Dropbox is required to listen using a mobile device. A free Dropbox account is needed to save audios. It is NOT required to play and save healing audios on a desktop computer. Get Dropbox.

If you experience any problems, please call Maureen Higgins at 651-665-0104 or email her at

How to access your healing audios:

1. Select each of the audios you purchased from the list above. When prompted, open each using the Dropbox app.
2. Within the free Dropbox app, you may listen to your healing audio and save it permanently.
3. Sign in to your free Dropbox account to save the file to your Dropbox, or to download the healing audio to your device or desktop computer.
4. There are two options for downloading the audio. Press Export to save the audio to your device, or save it directly to your Dropbox.
5. To download healing audio files to your device, save each to your Documents or Files folder.
6. Return to the Purchased Audios page to access additional purchases or to re-download audio files. Click each file name to add them to Dropbox.

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