Sample healing audio Resolution with Lesson Givers

The recently revised sample healing audio Resolution with Lesson Givers is geared towards resolving issues, patterns and pain from not being able to forgive someone in your current life. Forgiveness = letting go of it. Holding onto these things only hurts you so its important to let it go on a mental, emotional and physical level.

You do not need to stay awake or focus on the words to get benefit from this audio.

The sample healing audio Resolution with Lesson Givers focuses on healing unresolved issues and pain with people who are both alive and deceased. If you have an issue with someone in your current life, you’ve had similar issues and pain in other lifetimes as well.  This audio covers transforming past lifetimes and bringing in a simultaneous or future lifetime with this person/people so you can access energies and a template/roadmap where the issues are already resolved making it easier to feel resolved in your current life. Listen to this audio daily for at least 90 days for an optimal change in how you feel about the people you’re needing resolution with. This audio is a “go to” one whenever you’re having challenges with anyone in your life. Listen to this audio while drifting off to sleep or meditating.

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These audios are not intended to replace your medical doctor, psychologist or other professional help. It may be helpful to see a practitioner to further bring balance to you (if you’re not seeing one) including (but not limited to) a psychologist, chiropractor, Chinese Medical Doctor, medical doctor (one who also practices functional medicine/ preventive medicine is ideal), massage, energy work, Rolfing.

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