Maureen Higgins uses teaching, intuitive counseling, guided imagery and energy work to assist in your growth process.

Intuitive counseling – The first step in a session is to talk about your goals. We’ll discuss anything about yourself and your life that you want to change, transform, improve and enhance so you can have an optimal life.

Wings of Freedom is on YouTube!Maureen uses intuitive sight to scan your energyfield to help you determine what experiences, beliefs, and emotions are interfering with optimal happiness and well-being. She accesses the wisdom of your Divine/Higher Self to assist with this process along with asking for assistance from the advanced Beings in the other Realms that are helping you—also known as Angels and Spirit Guides.

Everything shows up for her in pictures so you’ll have a discussion on what is shown. As she is viewing your energyfield, a discussion will take place so you can understand yourself more thoroughly. When everything has been looked at and discussed, a plan will be mapped out on what can be done to help you let go of old, unneeded experiences, emotions, and beliefs and to connect you more consciously to your own Divine essence and gifts. Guided imagery and energywork will be used to facilitate this process.

Guided Imagery

Maureen has been certified in guided imagery through the Psychosynthesis Institute. You will be guided to visually imagine you are inside your own energyfield so you can see, feel, receive knowings that will help you experience what needs to be let go of and also experience your gifts. You will also be guided to connect with your own Divine Self.


We are connected to all vibrations/energies in the universe. Energywork is about accessing and using the vibrations that help us live in harmony, love, and freedom. An energywork practitioner connects with the vibrations you need.  This assists you in letting go of outdated past experiences and reinforces the vibrations that will help you.  Maureen has been initiated into Reiki and Reconnection and has been trained in Jin Shin Jyutsu (a meridian based energywork).  She has been guided to develop numerous healing systems including “Disconnection from the Collective Shadow” and “Cellular Activation.”

Maureen Higgins uses intuitive counseling, guided imagery and energywork to assist in your growth processA first time appointment takes two hours. After that, most people choose 90 minute sessions. Some people continue doing two hours while a few, who may have a specific topic or focus, will choose to come for just one hour.

Maureen holds sessions at her office in St. Paul, Minnesota and also does long distance/ remote sessions via phone and Skype. Long distance/ remote sessions are just as effective as being in her office. She can be reached at and 651-665-0104.

Service fees are: $265 for first time appointments which are two hours. $200 for follow up appointments which are 1 1/2 hours and one hour appointments are $130. Cash, check, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted methods of payment. 24 hour notice or else payment still required.

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If you need an appointment, see her practitioner’s list on the healing systems page. If you would like Maureen to personally refer you to someone, matching your particularly issues and goals, feel free to email at
Maureen Higgins is a Founding Member of the
Community for Higher Consciousness

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