The following is some of the terminology used within the healing audios and throughout this site.

Activations for Healing and Pattern Changing – All of the audios are set up with your Higher Self or Spirit directing the healing work (deciding what happens or does not happen) with your optimal spirit guides assisting in whatever way your Higher Self knows is best. The healing audios lead you through a healing process that is similar to having a healing session with Maureen Higgins. Your mind, emotions and body are worked on by your optimal spirit guides who may activate healing codes within you or work on your energy field with your Higher Self deciding what is done. Your soul is also multi-dimensional and multi-universe so has knowledge of much more than what your human self is aware of.  The audios suggest that your Higher Self brings in and activates awarenesses from other places your soul resides in that will optimally help you in your every day life. The audios also suggest that outdated and unhelpful patterns are transformed and let go of so that you can begin the journey into feeling lighter and happier.

Aspects of your soul — This term is used to describe each lifetime your soul is in which includes any past, simultaneous/parallel or future lifetimes recognizing that there is really no time and space in the cosmos. We have time and space on earth so we can function but everything is likely going on all at the same time. Past lives mean that they are completed except for some unresolved things that can be addressed and healed.

Aura — This is the egg-shaped energy field around you that is the attracting part of the energy field. All your energy fields (etheric, aura and spider web/universal matrix) are patterns and geometric shapes that correlate with numbers which is a universal language putting out a message. The aura puts out the messages on what our individual soul wants for learning therefore attracting the people, places and situations we need for learning and growth.

Black Magicians — this is a term referring to individuals who want to intentionally harm others through misuse of energy, bad intentions and behaviors. In this paradigm, these are temporary roles people/souls are playing and we’re inviting them to let go of the role and move into a higher state of love and well-being.

Chakra System – These are the seven major energy centers that follow the spine.  The 1st chakra is at your tailbone; the 2nd chakra is below your navel, the 3rd chakra is at your waist/solar plexus; the 4th chakra is at your heart; the 5th chakra is at your throat; the 6th chakra is at your eyes and the 7th chakra is on the top of your head.  The chakra system correlates with issues we are all working through along with positive attributes.

Collective Matrix — see spider web

Cosmic Orange — This is a new term used by Maureen Higgins to illustrate our multi-dimensional, multi-universe cosmos. If you think of an orange (the fruit) as the cosmos with twelve sections/slices in it, each section represents a universe or a number of universes. The universes/sections are what the the orange is made of so are technically thought of as one cosmos/one fruit. However, they are also separate since they are all encapsulated by a membrane that operates as a veil of sorts keeping each universe contained. Each section/universe (except the 12th one) has 11 dimensions to it that are at different vibratory states. Dimension 1 is the lowest vibration that aligns with hate; Dimension 11 is the highest vibration that aligns with love. Earth is Dimension 3 to 4 which has lots of polarity due to its lower vibrational nature. Each section of the orange (which represents a universe or universes) has a major core issue connected to it. Example: Earth is in the universe with the core issue “victim/perpetrator. ” Each universes’s core issue is shared with all the other universes. However, it is hard to heal the core issue unless we heal the particular universe the core issue is anchored in. We are now ready to access more of what is going on in these other universes so we can heal more deeply as individuals and as a collective.

Crystalline energies or dimension — this is another term for the 11th dimension which is all about love.

Curses (both formal and informal) — This is a term used to describe people wanting harm to others through their bad intentions, misuse of energy and behaviors. Curses can become bugs in the spider web/the matrix that connects everybody and everything together, that needs to be transformed.

Energy FieldThis consists of your chakra system, etheric body, aura and into the connecting energy field/spider web that connects you to everybody and everything.

Entities — See lower realm entities or entities.

Eleventh/11th Dimensional or Crystalline Guides — These are the guides (which could be aspects of your own soul as well) who are from the 11th dimension, also called the Crystalline Dimension, which is all about love. They heal with love.

Etheric Body — this is the energy field that is a blueprint of your mental, emotional and physical bodies. It can be an unhealthy blueprint at times or a healthy one depending on what is going on with your issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors. It is influenced, significantly, by your ancestors, all lifetimes you’re in (past, present & future) and the collective.

Fragment of the Soul – sometimes when a trauma or difficult event happens, you or others can lose a part of self.  This is a part of your spirit or soul essence that splits off. After letting go of the difficult event or trauma, you can ask to call in this part of self (fragment of the soul) that was lost and ask that it becomes a part of you again which will help you feel more whole and lighter. A Shaman would call this a “soul retrieval.”

God or Source — This theory believes that God/Source is a loving, yet neutral, consciousness that we are all a part of. All souls, all living consciousness, as One, makes up God/Source. Source/God wanted to have many experiences from hate to love to see what it would be like to have these experiences as a separate consciousness. God/Source created a hologram/duplication of self to experience these many vibratory states in many places. We are now ready to “wrap up” the experiences more aligned with hate and move into claiming our true nature which is aligned with love. Many people call this the “ascension process.”

Guided Imagery – Most of the audios are set up in a guided imagery format. This helps you relax so that your brain gets out of the way. This helps the activations for healing and pattern changing to be accepted more easily.

Higher Self — each person has a Spirit that never dies—this is the eternal part of self. The Higher Self can be thought of as the inseparable ray of the universe that is also a part of self. All the lifetimes a soul is in past, present & future are a part of the Higher Self.

Interlocking Soul Group — These are souls we are close to and have many lifetimes with but not all of them. They can feel like a soul group member due to the strong connection we have with them.

Lesson Givers — These are souls who are helping you transform outdated patterns, issues, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors by being a difficult personality for you. Their role forces you to work through your issues and challenges typically through conflict or lack of resolution. The pain involved in this is the, “hitting you over the head” approach to force a change in you since us humans can be stubborn to change. The more you are open to learning the lesson, the less painful it is for you. Many times these souls are in your soul group since they make the most impact on you.

Lost Souls — This refers to a soul who doesn’t cross over after a lifetime is complete. The theory says that all souls have many lifetimes going on at the same time so this would mean that a small part of the soul’s essence is stuck due to a lifetime that is unresolved.

Lower Realm Entities or Entities — this refers to Beings who exist in Dimensions 1, 2, 3 and 4. In Dimensions 3 and 4, they co-exist with humans in ways that may be less obvious to us or perhaps invisible to the physical eyes. They influence us and anchor our core issues. This is a temporary state of existence more aligned with hate. We all have some part of us who is there or was there so it is a temporary experience that can be transformed. You can think of it as transforming your shadow side.

Middle Realms — These are souls who exist in Dimensions 6 – 9. In this theory, Dimension 5 is more of a no time and no space zone that needs to be repaired in order for us to reconnect with the middle realms again. The middle realms have a much higher perspective than on earth and are more able to work through issues and challenges in a higher level way. They also tend to see all souls as interconnected and part of a giant field of consciousness. Our goal is to raise our consciousness to more of a middle realm status so we can be happier, lighter and more advanced in our thinking and feeling states.

Middle Realm Guides — These are the guides (could be aspects of your own soul as well) who are typically from the 8th and 9th dimensions. They are good at seeing things from a higher perspective and can actively help you work through issues and assist in clearing things up in your energy field.

Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Universe Souls — this refers to the concept that our souls can be having many lifetimes/experiences all at once. A more detailed description is given under, “Multi-universe, multi-dimensional cosmos.”

Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Universe Cosmos — Source or God created a likeness of self or hologram and created something like the “cosmic orange” to garner experiences. We take turns playing different roles much like actors and actresses in a play. Now we are wrapping up the “play” of Dimensions 1 – 4 since we no longer need these experiences.

No Time and No Space Cocoon or Zone — much of the cosmos operates with no time and no space. However, earth uses time and space so we can function in our daily lives. The term “no time and no space cocoon” is used a lot in these audios. You are asking that a cocoon of sorts wraps around you (much like a caterpillar in a cocoon) to make changes happen easier and faster. This helps the mind, emotions and body feel healthier when making changes. You can ask to surround yourself with a no time and no space cocoon or zone any time you want to help yourself make changes more effortlessly.

Optimal Spiritual Team or Guides — this refers to soul friends and ancestors, or a higher aspect of your own soul, that are acting as spirit guides. You want the optimal help in your life, and in this activation for healing and pattern changing audio, so the audio asks that your optimal spirit guides come in to assist in the healing work.

Restructuring and Recalibrating all energy fields that affect you — Your energy field  is in a pattern that correlates with where you are at mentally, emotionally and physically.  The pattern is set up in geometric patterns and lines that correlate with numbers (much like geometry does) that are a universal language. Whenever you make a change, through healing yourself, your energy field becomes scrambled since the old pattern no longer fits..  It will go into a new pattern, on its own, but can take a few days to do so and you can feel out of sorts in the meantime.  You can ask to restructure and recalibrate your energy field so that it goes into the new pattern right away so that you can more easily adapt to the changes you are going through.

Soul Group — These are the souls you have all your lifetimes with by either being in the same incarnation/lifetime together or helping from the other side and acting as more of a Spirit Guide. These are the closest souls to you. They can take lesson giver roles (more challenging roles) to force you to transform what you’ve come into a lifetime to heal or be the most supportive people in your life.

Soul Retrieval – sometimes when a trauma or difficult event happens, you or others can lose a part of self. This could be thought of as a fragment of your soul or split off part of your spirit or soul essence. After letting go of the difficult event or trauma, you can ask to call in this part of self that was lost and ask that it becomes a part of you again which will help you feel more whole and lighter. A Shaman would call this a soul retrieval.

Source – See God or source.

Spider Web/Universal or Collective Matrix — This is the energy field that is much like a spider web connecting you to everybody and everything. The issues, patterns, memories, beliefs, emotions and behaviors of your ancestors, all lifetimes (past, present, future) and the collective/cosmos is a part of this. Much of what you’re feeling and experiencing is not your own.

Spirit Guides — see optimal spiritual team above.

Splicing — Editing or changing anything that no longer serves you to an optimal connection or form.

Structures — See templates and structures.

Templates and Structures — templates are considered a blueprint or roadmap that is like a navigational system. Many of the audios ask for a new template so you can create a new, positive way of thinking, feeling or behaving. This is brought into the etheric body, aura and spider web/universal matrix that connects you to everybody and everything so that you have something different to go by than before. Structures are like a container to hold an energy which can be either positive or negative for you which connects up to everybody and everything. The audios may ask that a new structure/new container comes in to hold a positive new energy so you can connect into the spider web/universal matrix that connects you to everybody and everything through this more loving energy. Old templates and structures may be asked to dissolve since they no longer serve you.

Tunnel of Light – When souls leave their human body, they typically go through a tunnel of light which is a portal of sorts to a more loving dimension or reality. This portal will cleanse away all worries and negativity from the lifetime they were in. A tunnel of light can also refer to an avenue for a soul to transform into a higher level of consciousness.

Universal Matrix — See Spider web.

Wrapping up the lower realms — this is based on the premise that we are at a time in history where we are ready to transform Dimensions 1 – 4 (which are more aligned with hate) so we can all move into a more loving and unity based consciousness. We have experienced what we need from these dimensions and are ready to move to a less polarized state of existence that is more aligned with love.
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