“I whole-heartedly recommend Maureen’s guided “healing audios”. We are like an onion with many layers that surround us that have to be cleared/healed. Comfortably listening to the audios, we can heal ourselves. Every time you listen to an audio, a layer disappears and you move forward. The next time you listen to an audio, you will do so from a more advanced position, always moving one or many steps forward. The audios, combined with Maureen personal/skype sessions , are a success–always working on the main issues that have to be resolved/healed—so you can move forward. I think that words can not express my gratitude for finding Maureen Higgins in this life time. Thank you for helping humankind heal and move forward so that we can become again who we really are.”

Iratxe Sanjiao

I have been using the audios every night and, for me, they are a very powerful tool.  They help me to continue working on all the pending issues during night and since I had been using them, I have achieved a lot of improvement.   Also, I found them very useful to get more information about my issues.
 Great tool!

Rachele Jesus
Mexico City, Mexico

Maureen’s healing systems, “Disconnection from the Collective Shadow” and “Cellular Activation” literally carry you through from one portion of your life to the next helping you transition out of habits, thoughts and feelings you may have thought were unchangeable, unbreakable, possibly even necessary to your existence, into glimpses, and finally whole stretches, of life as you knew it could be lived–joyfully, playfully and with so much less attachment to “shoulds,” “has-to’s,” and “I can’ts” and all the other roadblocks we can trap ourselves with.

As a receiver of these healings, as well as a healer who has worked with individuals receiving these healings for over two years, I can attest, without reserve, that I have seen person after person blossom out of habits of fear, pain, and self-loathing, into the kind of creative, curious, connected souls I believe we all come here to be.  And the best part, I think, is that the treatments don’t stop when you leave the practitioner; the effects of these treatments just keep going and going and going…

Emily Graves
Santa Fe, NM

First I have to tell you how well the guided imageries work! I’ve been doing them daily and several days ago I awoke with the KNOWING that I’d completely forgotten what a powerful person I am! It was as if my third chakra had suddenly come to life again! It was quite dramatic and since then I feel I’m no longer in survival mode, but my future looks bright and promising! Hooray! Thanks for that!

Wendy T.
Marina del Rey, CA

I heard about “Wings of Freedom” from a dear friend.  She thought Maureen could help me answer some of my eclectic questions about the universe.  You could file them under “things I could ask no-one but still wonder about anyway.”  Since my first conversation with her, she has become one of the most helpful people on my spiritual path–it’s kinda like she helped me push a fast forward button that I didn’t know existed.  Her work and abilities are phenomenal!

Luci Daum
Ashland, WI

Maureen Higgins’ healing audios are transformative. They help with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. I have been using them for years for personal development and growth in higher consciousness. They have helped me clear out old beliefs and interference from ancestral and other lives, and create a pathway to live my purpose. Specifically, they have helped me release negative energy and significantly increase my intuition and healing abilities. Maureen is a gifted intuitive healer and the information she receives and shares in the audios convenient to use and is unavailable from other sources. I highly recommend them as a profound tool for people committed to personal growth and transformation. “

Nancy Clairmont-Carr
Chanhassen, MN

Maureen’s Guided Imagery, “End of Suffering” and “Brain-Heart Activation” have been great tools in my quest to heal mentally and emotionally. They have also helped me spiritually connect to God on a more personal basis more often.

Nancy R.
Baldwin, WI

Wings of Freedom audios have helped me tremendously!  I’m actively seeking to clear myself of unconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding me back from living in the present.  Listening to the audios have helped identify issues that are ready to be cleared.  “Pinpointing & Transforming the Core Issues of the Ancestors” helped me identify a past life that was interfering with my present life career.  As a result, Maureen Higgins was able to clear that past life and help me feel better!

Cindy K
St. Paul, MN

When I joined Maureen’s Community for Higher Consciousness 10 years ago I would never have imagined the beautiful, life changing journey that was to come. It’s a lot of work to become your Divine self in human form but well worth the effort. But now Maureen has guided imagery audios that allow some of this work to be done any time and anywhere. They’re especially wonderful to listen to when falling asleep at night. I’m addicted to them!

Roberta Casey
Minneapolis, MN

I did the “New Connection with Others” audio and the “Matrix Reprogramming” that is goal setting with myself and my business partner for 21 days (he gave me permission to do it long distance/remotely). I went from thinking the business wouldn’t work long term to each of us having a paradigm shift to where working together in the long term is going to be very good for both of us and our customers and patients. He has shown and has noticed significant behavior changes along with more empathy. He feels that now his logic is balanced with his empathy.

Jason Rozin

“Using a combination of the audios that Maureen offers, I have resolved deep and stubborn issues with which I’ve struggled for a long time.”

Mae S.
St. Paul, MN

The guided imageries have brought me a new meditative space where I can let go. Rather than feeling like I need to do the work – I can relax, listen and surrender my energy work. I listen before bed and in the morning and have felt it has helped bring a higher perspective into my daily life.

Sarah M.
St. Paul, MN

About 10 years ago, I was referred to Maureen by a friend. I did not really know what I was getting into, but was in a space where I was open to anything.

I have been blessed at my sessions with Maureen. She has helped me with so many of life’s issues that it is hard to put into words. She has helped me tap into the greatness of the universe, all it’s dimensions and the beauty of our time here on earth.

She is able to help her clients unlock problems, situations and life issues and see the truth in a way that is welcoming, honest and true.

She has gifts and talents yet no ego, and that is her gift. I trust her with all I am..and am a better person because of her.

Maureen’s guided imagery has become a lovely nighttime ritual of relaxation for my daughter and I. It is a gift to be able to listen to Maureen’s calm, soothing voice tapping into my day, my experiences and my world.

I will be in my office with a half hour of time, and close the door..lay on the floor and listen..feel..absorb..breath and ground.

I look forward to selecting the session for the day and smile when I hear her voice.

Kelly W.
Eden Prairie, MN

Maureen’s audios are so powerful and effective for healing and resolving issues. This is an easy accessible tool that has helped me through daily life and to help clear some of the biggest blockages. I listen to the “Daily Healing – Brain and Heart Activation” audio followed by the “Clearing Sheet” every morning to help me jumpstart my day. Depending on whatever I am dealing with in my life I will listen to a more specific audio before bed, (the audios also help me fall asleep since I have a hard time falling asleep! )
I have been listening to Maureen’s audio, “Intimate Relationship Healing & Full Resolution” every single night for the last month, most nights I put it on repeat 3 times just to get the extra healing and resolution while I sleep. This audio has helped me tremendously. I have been able to receive more clarity and remain neutral through this challenging time in my relationship

Lynn Van
St. Paul, MN